I’m a designer and also an internationally certified image consultant. My journey as a designer is all  about blending creativity, empowerment, and sustainability. It all started with the birth of my daughter Reisha, who inspired me to create a bespoke luxury brand in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates under the name Reishas.

For over a decade, I’ve been focused on designing exclusive bridal gowns and evening wear tailored exclusively for our clients. 

I believe that my client whether she is a bride or someone dressing up for a special occasion should feel confident in her own skin, no matter what the trends say. That’s why we follow a special process to make sure each of our clients gets the perfect style, designed exclusively for them taking into consideration their body shape and other factors discussed during our initial phase of consultation.

Every piece is carefully brought to life in our  boutique, from the very first idea to the final stitch using the finest fabrics and perfection to fit.

Apart from designing , I chose to expand my expertise to being  an Image Consultant where I currently offer virtual 1 : 1 consultation services for Body shape analysis, Designing services and Color consultations.

I consider this as a journey of self discovery where Im able to  create a deep sense of self-appreciation and instill self confidence in every single women.  

My aim lies in providing women with the tools and guidance they need to not only look their best but  also to make them embrace the truest version of themselves. 

Sapna Sharon