We have been designing and providing styling services to our clients since 2010. From the onset of the pandemic, we have started our virtual services for designing and styling for our customers. We have intentionally designed this virtual approach with the same experience in mind, which means you can meet us at the comfort of your home without the hassle of traveling to us amidst your hectic schedule.

We offer a personalized, one-on-one consultation that will help you select the perfect gown, shoes, and other accessories to coordinate with your planned theme with less stress.

Heres our design process:

Designing Services : Our Process


Our journey together begins with a simple email or phone inquiry from your end.

 At this stage, we will have a brief discussion about your ideas, budget, and vision for your  gown. We will walk you through our process at this stage and will send you a questionnaire via email to fill in.

Free Discovery call

Next up, we’ll hop on a complimentary 30-minute virtual discovery call via Zoom.

This time, we will get to know each other more, brainstorm ideas, and get clarity on what to expect during the designing services.

At this stage, you are free to clear any concerns that you might have in regards to your gown.

 In this session, we delve into your desires, your style aspirations, and the emotions you wish to embody on your significant day.
 After the meeting, if you decide to continue your journey with us, we will invite you for the design consultation.
Design Consultation is the most important part of this process

Design Consultation


After the discovery call, we offer a paid 90 minute session. During this process we will show you the mood board, illustrations and swatches made specifically for you based on your tastes and preference. We will begin selecting and refining our sketches and will move from preliminary sketches /themes to finalizing  the original sketch.

Review and Feedback

At this stage, the final design will be sent to you for approval. Once you have reviewed it and if no further changes are required then, we move on to the final design presentation, including detailed sketches and design notes.

Confirm and approve the design for the next stage.

Final Design Presentation

Final design will be sketched and will be send it over to you at this stage . Once you have confirmed and approved that there is no change to the design we move on to the next stage.


“E T H E R E A L”

Your Digital Style Book

This personalized package includes hand-drawn sketches, inspiring visuals, and in-depth descriptions of your gown’s exquisite details.

*Please be informed that once the process of developing the Digital Style Book has commenced, changes to the sketches will not be possible. Any requested changes beyond this stage will be subject to an additional charge. For further clarification or if you have any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your cooperation and understanding on this matter are highly valued.

Digital style Book- "Ethereal"

Using the information we gathered in we compile a curated digital style book with all the details, suggestions, and recommendations personalized for you. This curated guide, named “Ethereal,” serves as a comprehensive reference material to accompany you throughout your shopping journey.

It includes the following:

  • Customized Sketches
  • Back View
  • Pose and Movement from different angles.
  • Design Insights
  • Color Representation
  • Fabric Recommendations
  • Your Unique Style Essence
  • Styling Notes

Delivery : Digital Format

No physical copy will be sent.

Post Support

If for any reason you find yourself in a moment of confusion, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here as your unwavering support system, ready to guide you every step of the way ensuring a seamless and confident experience.

Want to know more about this service? Simply click the form below to send us an enquiry or alternatively email us on support@mysaphron.com.