Discover Your Unique Body Shape: A Comprehensive Overview

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Understanding the Significance of Body Shape Analysis

Understanding your body shape can drastically change your fashion game, trust me! It could save you hours of frustration from the time you go to do your shopping to standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what to wear.

Simply put, your body shape is analyzed only to understand which clothing styles and patterns flatter you the most.

Personally, Im not a huge fan of this method as I feel this kind of restricts us to few basic shapes where all of us are trying to fit in.

As a designer, I have had several women who did not fit into any of this category. The idea of analysing the shape is only to balance your proportion in a way that will bring out the best version of yourself while hiding the features you are conscious of or not comfortable with.

And, it’s not just about looking fabulous (although that’s definitely a plus!). It’s also about feeling comfortable and confident in your skin.

Before we move on, we need to understand that there isn’t a “perfect” or “ideal” body shape. Every body shape is unique and has its own spark. So, this post is only to meant to guide you through understanding your body shape which could help you dress better and shop better.

Understanding the Concept of Body Shapes

The most traditional way to understand your body shape is the fruit analogy- pears, apple, banana…etc. While these labels have been here for a while , it is mostly used essentially to understand the silhouette of your body when seen in the mirror.Now, they’re called ‘basic body shape ‘ for a reason. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself resonating with more than one shape – that’s normal, and it simply means you have a combination body type!

Before we begin, we need to take an accurate measurement of ourselves.

Inorder to measure yourself, you will need the following

  • A tape measure
  • Pen and Paper or record it on your mobile
  • Best fitting dress or lingerie

Take the measurement for the following:


To measure your shoulders, stand with straight with your feet together and measure around the shoulders.


For the bust, wear a well-fitting bra and measure the fullest part, ensuring the tape is parallel to the ground.The tape should be snug. Not too tight that it compress the breast shape and not loose that it keeps falling off.


Find your natural waistline, the narrowest part of your torso, and wrap the tape snugly around. To help you find you natural waist, bend yourself to one side and the natural crease that appears on the side will be your natural waist line.


Measure hips at the widest part, usually around the hip bone, with the tape parallel to the ground. Keep a natural posture throughout, and use a flexible tape for accuracy.

Click here if you require a more detailed guidance to measure yourself accurately

Analyzing Your Measurements: Identifying your Body Shape

Now that we have the measurement, let us find out where we fit in. Remember, this is not an exact science.Every body shape is different. You may not belong to any of those 5 categories and some of you might be a combination. Don’t stress if you don’t perfectly fit into the apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, or inverted triangle category. Most of us are a blend of two or more shapes, and that’s perfectly okay.

The 5 basic Body Shapes

Pear Body Shape

The Pear-shaped body, also known as the triangle body shape, is a common and beautiful silhouette with narrower upper torso and broader hips and thighs. This particular body shape is celebrated for its inherent femininity, and is the most common among women.

To identify a Pear-shaped body, you may have the following characteristics:

  1. Broader Hips and Thighs: The most defining feature of the Pear shape is the width of the hips and thighs, which are usually more pronounced compared to the upper body.
  2. Narrower Shoulders: The shoulders in a Pear-shaped body tend to be narrower than the hips, creating a gentle slope from the shoulders to the hips.
  3. Well-Defined Waist: Although the waist may not be as pronounced as in an Hourglass shape, Pear-shaped individuals often have a well-defined waist.

Once you have these measurements, compare the width of your shoulders to the width of your hips. If your hips are noticeably wider than your shoulders( 2 inches or more) and if your hip is larger than your bust by 4 inches or more, and your waist is well-defined, you likely have a Pear-shaped body.

Here are few celebrities who have the pear shaped body type

Apple Body Shape

The Apple body shape, often referred to as the round or oval shape, is characterized by a fuller midsection and a broader upper body, creating a rounder silhouette. This body shape, like the Pear shape, is unique and beautiful, and with careful considerations and right fashion choices , you can bring out the best in you

Identifying an Apple-shaped body involves recognizing several distinctive traits:

  1. Fuller Midsection: The most prominent feature of the Apple shape is a fuller and rounder midsection, where the waistline is less defined than in other body shapes.
  2. Broader Shoulders: Individuals with an Apple shape typically have shoulders that are broader than their hips.
  3. Full Bust: The bust is often a focal point in an Apple-shaped body, and it may be proportionally larger compared to the hips.

For an Apple-shaped body, the shoulders may be broader than the hips, and the waist measurement might be similar to or slightly larger than the hip measurement- around 2 inches or more. The key characteristic is the fullness in the midsection.

Here are few celebrities who have the Apple shaped body type.

Hourglass Body Shape

The Hourglass body shape is widely regarded as the most looked upon body shape of classic femininity, characterized by a well-defined and proportionate bust and hips with a noticeably narrower waist.

Identifying an Hourglass-shaped body involves recognizing a few distinctive features:

  1. Well-Defined Waist: You will find yourself with a narrow, well-defined waist that creates a noticeable difference between the bust and hips.
  2. Balanced Bust and Hips: Individuals with an Hourglass shape typically have bust and hip measurements that are proportionate, with the hips being similar to or slightly wider than the bust.
  3. Curvaceous Silhouette: The Hourglass body shape is characterized by gently curving lines, creating an overall symmetrical and balanced appearance.

This body shape is all about balance. Your waist will be almost 8 inches less than your shoulders, bust and hips.

Here are the few celebrities that have Hourglass body shape

Rectangle Body shape

The Rectangle body shape, often referred to as the straight or athletic shape, is characterized by a balanced silhouette with similar measurements for the bust, waist, and hips. Here the bust, waist and hip measurements will almost be the same which gives it an illusion of a rectangle shape.

Identifying a Rectangle-shaped body involves recognizing several distinctive features:

  1. Balanced Measurements: The defining characteristic of the Rectangle shape is having a bust, waist, and hip measurements that are relatively similar, creating a straight and streamlined silhouette.
  2. Lean and Athletic Build: Individuals with a Rectangle shape typically have a more athletic and lean build, with shoulders and hips appearing in similar measurements.
  3. Less Defined Waist: The waist in a Rectangle shape is not as prominently defined as other body shapes. It appears to have little to not much difference between your bust and hips , giving it a straight appearance.

Here are the celebrities that have rectangle body shape:

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The Inverted Triangle body shape, is often associated with a strong and athletic physique. It is characterized by broader shoulders and a narrower waist and hips.

Identifying an Inverted Triangle-shaped body involves recognizing several distinctive features:

  1. Broad Shoulders: The defining characteristic of the Inverted Triangle shape is having shoulders that are broader than the hips.
  2. Narrower Waist and Hips: Individuals with an Inverted Triangle shape typically have a more athletic build, with the waist and hips appearing narrower in comparison to the shoulders.
  3. Strong and Athletic Silhouette: The overall silhouette of the Inverted Triangle shape is strong, athletic, and characterized by a V-shaped upper body .

If your shoulder is larger than hips by 2 inches or more and the bust larger than hips by 4 inches or more then most likely you are have an inverted triangle body shape.

Here are few Celebrities who have Inverted Triangle body shape

Remember, the key is to embrace and celebrate your natural shape and do not let trends dictate your style. Focus on what makes you feel good. After all, the best fashion trend is confidence!